Malnutrition is a condition that results from eating a diet lacking in nutrients. Malnutrition in children is especially harmful. The damage to physical and cognitive development during the first two years of a child’s life is largely irreversible. Malnutrition also leads to poor school performance, which can result in future income reduction. Adults who were undernourished as children are at risk of developing diseases such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular issues. Children who do not reach their optimum height or consistently experience bouts of weight loss during childhood are affected in the long term in numerous ways and ends a lot of young lives on the globe.

Death is the worst outcome of malnutrition’s ugly grasp, but it’s not the only outcome. Children who survive can face devastating side effects that last a lifetime, preventing them from achieving success in school and pursuing meaningful work in adulthood.

The causes of malnutrition beyond simply lacking food. It includes many complicated factors related to poverty, political context, climate change, feeding practices, disease, contaminated water and Poor sanitation. Lastly, conflict has contributed to malnutrition by destabilizing the community where he lives.

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